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Verified Student
recommends The V June 2016

YOU SHOULD LIVE HERE! Having lived in both the Greenhouse (CBS) and the V (similarly priced properties across the street from one another), I have to say that the V blows the Greenhouse out of the water. The rooms in the V are far bigger, each bedroom has its own bathroom, and the common areas are comparable. The V also boasts 9'-10' ceilings, which is an underrated luxury in a college town. The V's key-in passcode system is also far better than the CBS fob system. The only drawback, maybe, is the proximity to both the train tracks and Coupes (a local outdoor bar), which can both be loud at night, though not terrible. I would definitely recommend the V over any of the comparably-priced properties in the area (Greenhouse, Warehouse, GrandMarc, etc.).

Property Manager 4
Value 5
Amenities 4
Location 4
Safety 4
Verified Student
recommends The V June 2016

Super close to the corner and front office is always friendly and accessible. I've heard rumors of gypping on security deposits, but that's nothing that I can confirm right now.

Property Manager 3
Value 3
Amenities 2
Location 4
Safety 3
Verified Student
recommends The V June 2016

Good building close in with a fantastic management company. They fix anything in timely fashion and genuinely care about their tenants. Literally found my roommate a mattress and brought it to him apropos of nothing.

Property Manager 5
Value 4
Amenities 5
Location 5
Safety 5


The Corner

Close to campus and central bars, shops, and restaurants, the Corner is home to many fun-loving undergrads.

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