The Fred

2-4 bedrooms
2.0 baths


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Verified Student
would not recommend The Fred June 2016

This apartment is in a nice location, not too far from class and right on the corner. We have had a lot of problems with the apartment being old and having to put in a lot of maintenance calls. The staff at MSC have also been rude. I would recommend living on the top floor because having the loft is really nice.

Property Manager 2
Value 4
Amenities 2
Location 5
Safety 2
Verified Student
recommends The Fred June 2016

The Fred is extremely reasonably priced given its location and size of apartments. They can be a little dark, but with adequate lighting they are not bad. I live in the lofted apartments and my room is very big. There are two levels in each bedroom so I have my bed up at the top and a chair, desk, bookshelf, trunk, and dresser on the bottom. The closet is a good size. The only size complaint I have is the bathroom - it is really small. There have been a lot of maintenance issues, but the repairmen always come fix the issue promptly. Overall it's a great place to live.

Property Manager 4
Value 5
Amenities 4
Location 5
Safety 5
Verified Student
recommends The Fred June 2016

Get a top unit so you have a loft in each room, you can put a full size bed up there! #Zeta

Property Manager 4
Value 4
Amenities 3
Location 4
Safety 4


The Corner

Close to campus and central bars, shops, and restaurants, the Corner is home to many fun-loving undergrads.

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