The Flats at West Village

1-4 bedrooms
1.0-4.0 baths


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would not recommend The Flats at West Village March 2018

Apartments themselves are pretty nice on the interior, amenities are decent, and maintenance staff is helpful.

Overall everything about this place is fairly overpriced, especially when you consider how far it is from grounds. A lot of the stuff they advertise like the pool/hot tub are usually out of commission for months at a time. All of your packages will get delivered to the leasing office, so you have to go down there to pick them up and hope that they can actually find them (usually don't). Also if you can't get there by 5pm or its a sunday then you are out of luck, since they close up. Not the end of the world, but a pain nonetheless. The bottom level parking deck has an entrance that is just barely wide enough to get a regular sized SUV in, so expect to have your side mirror hit a few times on your way in if your car isn't really small. They also tried to cram as many spots as they could in, so the spaces are pretty tight and just annoying to get into. The internet is decent when it's working and the cable isn't great (you'll need to bring a coax cord to access the cable). Someone else already mentioned the stupid dressers. You'll be able to hear the person above you walking around, since the floors are pretty thin. Oh yea and expect a ton of fire alarms. Like a ton. I think we had 3 or 4 in one night back in the Fall.

Property Manager 3
Value 1
Amenities 4
Location 2
Safety 4
Verified Student
recommends The Flats at West Village June 2016

DO NOT LIVE HERE. Leasing office staff is so unbelievably incompetent and rude that it would be fit for a TV sketch, would be hilarious if it didn't impact your day to day life. Glossy exterior to the building and the apartments but everything is actually really cheap and begins falling apart not long after living. Amenities are OK but poorly maintained. The gym is the only thing that has not suffered too much. Really not a good value for how much you pay. They also tried to trick people into paying more and have been raising the electricity bill each month, since they charge for it directly and there is no oversight. Also, parking fee is very high at an additional 75$ per month per space. The maintenance people try to help out but they got screwed over by the fact the building wasn't completed when people moved in and by the shoddy construction and materials, that they don't really have a chance. They try to gloss over the many issues with the occasional free pizza or bagel.

Property Manager 1
Value 1
Amenities 3
Location 5
Safety 4
Verified Student
recommends The Flats at West Village June 2016

Great Pool! It is always fun to chill there. The security is good. Good location near World of Beer.

Property Manager 4
Value 5
Amenities 4
Location 3
Safety 5


Downtown Charlottesville

Near the downtown mall and surrounded by shops and restaurants, Downtown is a great place for culture-seekers and adventurers.

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