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would not recommend Camden Plaza June 2016

The rent is expensive but you get a great location. While the apartment is really nice, the appliances are not great (you basically have to wash everything before putting it in the dishwasher) and the security is minimal. The landlords are very easy to talk to and sometimes understanding of issues but charge you for everything. They charged us to fix an appliance that broke on its own but not to fix another, so it's kind of hit or miss. Definitely check before having something fixed. They also covered water damage up with paint although the actual leak obviously wasn't fixed. There was a robbery a couple weeks ago that wasn't reported to residents and nothing was done to check or enhance safety in the building. The floors are very thin so even if you're on the top floor don't expect it to be quiet on weekends. While we didn't agree to let the your our apartment, they come in here a significant amount and even though we get a days notice it still worries me because of the security issues. Again, the main plus of this property is the location.

Property Manager 1
Value 3
Amenities 3
Location 5
Safety 3
Verified Student
recommends Camden Plaza June 2016

I lived in Camden Courtyard (small white building in front of Camden Plaza, right on 14th St, but still operated by Woodard Properties) and loved it. The apartment is relatively small compared to others in the area but the location makes up for it. Woodard is an awesome company to rent from and they were always super accommodating. Just watch out because they give you parking permits but there are not enough spots for everyone so sometimes you are stuck parking on the street. Its worth it to pay a little extra for a covered spot in the garage. I always felt safe but realize your apartment door is easily accessed to anyone on 14th (no fob or key to get into a building like other nearby apartments). The appliances were very dated, especially our dishwasher, but whenever anything broke Woodard was usually there the same day to fix it. The gym and study rooms you have access to are also a nice plus. Overall and awesome place to live!

Property Manager 5
Value 5
Amenities 4
Location 5
Safety 4
Verified Student
recommends Camden Plaza June 2016

I actually live in Camden Courtyard -- next door also a Woodard apartment complex. Nice apartment, the maintenance staff are wonderful, landlord/Woodard office will nickel and dime you for everything.

Property Manager 3
Value 3
Amenities 4
Location 5
Safety 4


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Close to campus and central bars, shops, and restaurants, the Corner is home to many fun-loving undergrads.

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