1719 Jefferson Park Avenue

1 bedrooms
1.0 baths


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would not recommend 1719 Jefferson Park Avenue June 2016

The location is great. We are lucky to have a renovated apartment. However, the driveway is the driveway from hell. It is so incredibly steep that no vehicle can park there without bottoming out. It also makes it impossible to walk down when there is any snow or ice, and we are in fact living in Charlottesville. The driveway is quite dangerous. Also, there were no exterior lights for a long time. And there is a big bush which blocks the light from the stairs. The driveway is not lit up at all. So it is still quite dangerous. We do have a washer and dryer, but they do not work well. The washer doesn't actually clean, it just kind of soaks things which sets stains in. We usually bring our clothes home to use our parents washer. There is AC and heating which both work well. The fridge, stove/oven, and microwave are old but do work well. This building is very susceptible to mold. I bought a dehumidifier and still had damage. D.M. Rothwell more often than not has been rude whenever we call them. When we moved in the shower did not work. No water came out. Both the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink also leaked terribly. When I called to ask them to come fix it and some of the other issues they said their favorite phrase, "This isn't the Ritz. You get what you pay for". They did ultimately fix them though. Summed up, this place is cheap and well located.

Property Manager 2
Value 3
Amenities 2
Location 5
Safety 2
Verified Student
recommends 1719 Jefferson Park Avenue June 2016

The two best things about this place were its location, and the landlord. It's simple and not all the apartments in it are renovated, but it has a washer and dryer is very close to the engineering school and Old Cabell. The landlord stayed out of our hair for the most part, and was pretty quick to respond.

Property Manager 5
Value 4
Amenities 2
Location 4
Safety 3

1719 Jefferson Park Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22903

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