1029 Wertland Street

1-4 bedrooms
1.0-3.0 baths


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Verified Student
recommends 1029 Wertland Street June 2016

The apartment is very loud. The walls are paper thin. Also, if you live on the front side of the building, noise just bounces between 1115 Wertland and 1029 Wertland, since the buildings are so close. The building is less than two years old and the linoleum flooring is already bubbling.

Property Manager 3
Value 3
Amenities 3
Location 4
Safety 4
Verified Student
would not recommend 1029 Wertland Street June 2016

Although a ways down Wertland, the apartments are extremely spacious and well kept. The rent is a bit high for how far the apartments are from the corner.

Property Manager 4
Value 3
Amenities 5
Location 3
Safety 4
Verified Student
would not recommend 1029 Wertland Street June 2016

This apartment looks a lot nicer than it actually is. It was hastily built in order to accomodate students (such as myself) who two years ago purchased the apartments at a premium before construction on the building begun. The walls are paper thin--I know a lot about the people who live in the apartment above me, especially the time of day they wake up--and you'll thusly get a noise complaint every time you throw a party. I almost don't blame the people who call in, since the walls are so thin. Almost everything in the apartment breaks. Toilet paper rolls, chips on the counter, the wall gets smudged way too easily. The design of the rooms is more or less fine, but certain things, like the placement of the washer and dryer which heat up about a quarter of the apartment by about 10 degrees, could have been done better. Our internet is particularly slow because "something with the wiring was done wrong and it's causing interference" and in order to speed it up we would have had to "take out a wall," which we certainly weren't allowed to do. The building is by-and-large safe, although there were in the past some issues with packages being stolen. I have nothing against University Apartments, who owns the building. A different company owned the lot the first year I lived here, and University Apartments has better management than Wade Apartments ever did.

Property Manager 3
Value 1
Amenities 3
Location 2
Safety 5


The Corner

Close to campus and central bars, shops, and restaurants, the Corner is home to many fun-loving undergrads.

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