1027 Wertland Street

1-4 bedrooms
1.0-2.0 baths


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Verified Student
recommends 1027 Wertland Street June 2016

This was a solid place to live. I really loved the idea of a locked main door and then individual doors, but sometimes it did get annoying with 2 different keys! It is definitely older than most other student apartments, but it was so quiet, which was a nice change from 14th street housing. Parking is good, usually 2 spots per 4 people. I lived on the 4th floor, and whenever someone shut the main door, the whole building shook, which was kind of scary at first, so I don't know how solid the foundation is! I also loved the balcony we had, as we could throw our trash off the balcony into the centrally located dumpster, without having to leave our apartment...we were lazy. Overall, a good place, I would recommend.

Property Manager 2
Value 3
Amenities 3
Location 3
Safety 5
Verified Student
recommends 1027 Wertland Street June 2016

The apartment is great, and a change of pace from GrandMarc or 1029. I would definitely recommend it because it is a nice space to live, quieter than most other options, and is very secure based on the locked door to the complex as well as individual doors. However, the upkeep is not the best. It definitely is older and more worn than the newer apartments - so if you're looking for a more modern bathroom or new carpeting, this may not be the best. The majority of the apartment is carpeted with the exception of a small strip in the kitchen which is tiled, which can be difficult if you're planning on hosting events and don't want drinks spilled all over the carpet. There are also a lot of small things about the apartment that one may not think of when buying it - for example, the wall between the two inner bedrooms are very thin and you can hear everything. Also, we keep our internet router in the living room, and it does not reach the two furthest bedrooms which can be a pain. The landlord seems reluctant to update the amenities in the apartment. We had our ice maker break in the freezer three times, and two times after maintenance came to fix it, it still did not work. The washer/dryer is right in the apartment which is nice, but the dryer seems to mess up everyones drawstrings whenever they throw shorts or sweatpants in there. #APhi

Property Manager 2
Value 2
Amenities 4
Location 3
Safety 5


The Corner

Close to campus and central bars, shops, and restaurants, the Corner is home to many fun-loving undergrads.

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