900 West

1-3 bedrooms
1.0-3.0 baths


3 FREE parking spaces, middle of west campus. Nice modern apartment with one large room that's great for sharing.

What we love

  • High speed internet access
  • Walk-in closets

What to know

  • Parking
  • 1 to 4 bedroom units available

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Verified Student
recommends 900 West June 2016

The living rooms in the apartments are huge! I feel safe when in this apartment.

Like all other complexes in Austin, they will lock you into the contract. I needed to leave for a summer abroad, and I could not even sublease (prepaid rent) without paying an arm and a leg extra. Management is also slow to respond to issues.

Property Manager 1
Value 3
Amenities 1
Location 5
Safety 2
Verified Student
recommends 900 West June 2016

It seems very safe, I've yet to have a break in or hear of one. The location is not too far from UT.

I wish it had more amenities, but I knew that going in.

Property Manager 3
Value 3
Amenities 3
Location 5
Safety 3
Verified Student
recommends 900 West June 2016

The location. I've lived here 4 years solely based on that. The layout of the rooms aren't bad as well.

The management response time is probably the worst thing about this apartment. Good thing I don't run into many issues with this apartment.

Property Manager 4
Value 4
Amenities 4
Location 2
Safety 4


West Campus

Close to the UT campus grounds, West Campus is a perfect fit for anyone desiring to be close to class while remaining in the heart of the social scene.

  • 43 Properties
  • Average Rating
  • $1,145.34 Average Rent

900 W 23rd St, Austin, TX 78705

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