The Village at Columbia

2-4 bedrooms
2.0-4.0 baths


This is a Multi-Family Home located at 1050 Southern Drive, Columbia, SC. 1050 Southern Dr has approximately 603,525 square feet. The property has a lot size of 1 and was built in 2009

1050 Southern Drive, Columbia SC 29201

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Verified Student
would not recommend The Village at Columbia July 2017

Once they did a "corporate check" on the apartment. I was on vacation and my friend was watching my cat. During the "check" they locked my door... leaving the car locked in my room. But they had only locked my room, not either of my roommates rooms. My friend had a key to the apartment but not my room specifically so he couldn't go check on the cat. I called the Village office to explain the situation & they said they couldn't unlock my room because it was illegal. they then threatened me saying I could get in trouble for giving someone my key (to watch my cat for a week) and wouldn't talk to me any longer. So I had to cut my vacation short to not let my cat starve. That's the kind of people you deal with at The Village.

Charged us a $270 cleaning fee but didn't clean. Frequent "visits" from corporate where you have to keep your animals locked in a room for a week because they don't tell you the exact day. Mailboxes frequently left wide open because of mail lady, but they won't install cameras so mail gets stolen. Bug infestation (roaches, spiders, etc.). Very unsafe- frequent gun shots heard, someone shot there recently, people sit on balcony and cat call girls, groups get rowdy in the parking lot at night and security doesn't care. Security lies and says you can only have 10 people in an apartment at a time even though that's not true. Utility charges are outrageous even when you're careful about energy/water use. There's only one dumpster and it's at the front & is always way overfilled and spills everywhere. There's just a lot wrong with this place, they show you the amenities and bribe you with discounted rates to move in, but then you realize how much they suck after a couple months. I don't suggest moving here.

Property Manager 1
Value 1
Amenities 1
Location 1
Safety 1


Verified Student
would not recommend The Village at Columbia July 2017

The dark wood inside the buildings was cute, and the individuality of each building design was also cool.

Property Management was very very poor. They did not fulfill maintenance requests at all, and you have to ask multiple times for something to get fixed, and it still wouldn't be fixed. I lived there for two years and my shower leaked onto the floor each time I showered to this day. Our AC broke on many occasions, as well as they neglected to complete quarterly inspections, and let our air filters become dirty and unsanitary. The dumpster at the Bluff Rd. entrance is almost always overflowing onto the streets. The washers and dryers also shrink our clothes, no matter what setting we put them on. Also, the utility bill is separate from the rent, which both charges a service fee. And the utility bill is well over $80, even when there's no one in the apartment during the summer and December. They also charge move in and move out cleaning fees, regardless of how dirty or clean the apartment already is. DO NOT live here.

Property Manager 1
Value 3
Amenities 2
Location 2
Safety 1


Verified Student
would not recommend The Village at Columbia March 2017

private bathroom, modern aesthetic, furnishings are pretty decent

COCKROACHES. I know this is a thing in Columbia to see a cockroach every now and again, but to see baby cockroaches constantly is disgusting. When you call them about this, they'll take care of it but not right away. The fridge doesn't close fully unless you throw your entire body weight into it, their was blood on my bathroom wall when I moved in which is one of the many things that tipped me off that they didn't clean the apartments *at all* (along with the fact that I vacuumed three times and every time my vacuum was full of dirt and dust). Overall, it's really not a bad place to live, but I'm definitely going to be looking for another place for next year.

Property Manager 5
Value 4
Amenities 3
Location 2
Safety 4


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