650 Lincoln Street

2-4 bedrooms
1.0-2.0 baths


650 is the newest and most convenient student housing in Columbia. Apt is fully furnished, utilities are prepaid, washer/dryer in apartment, 2 TVs, 1 stereo. Parking that's more affordable and convenient than on-campus parking, close to all essential university buildings.

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Verified Student
recommends 650 Lincoln Street November 2017

I loved the location. I am in a sorority so very close to the house for meals.

Most rooms you have to share a bathroom with someone.

Property Manager 4
Value 5
Amenities 5
Location 5
Safety 4
Verified Student
recommends 650 Lincoln Street October 2017

I loved the location of this building. It is super close to the business school, so going to class is less of a chore. The apartment itself is super nice and big enough for the four people living here. We have a Resident Advisor sort of thing, but they don't really do much unless theres a noise complaint. It is a little bit more expensive, but the location is so good it makes it all worth it.

I was living on the same floor as football players. This isn't a bad thing, but they can be a little wild and loud.

Property Manager 3
Value 4
Amenities 5
Location 5
Safety 5
Verified Student
recommends 650 Lincoln Street October 2017

This is such a nice apartment building in the best area, Perfect for business students because it is so close to the business school.

Most rooms you share a bathroom.

Property Manager 4
Value 3
Amenities 4
Location 5
Safety 5



The University of South Carolina’s newest development for students, Innovista offers a fast-paced, downtown environment perfect for any student searching for the convenience of on-campus living without the dorm experience.

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650 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC 29201

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