Hub on Campus - Eugene

1-4 bedrooms
1.0-3.0 baths


From the resident spa to the rooftop pool to the stargazing telescope, were taking student housing to a whole new level. Hub on Campus Eugene offers modern student living just a few blocks from campus. Its your chance to experience extraordinary.

515 E Broadway, Eugene, OR, 97401

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would not recommend Hub on Campus - Eugene May 2017

It looks nice on the outside. That's it.

DO NOT LIVE HERE. This is the worst apartment complex in Eugene. It may look nice from the outside, but the management and environment is TERRIBLE! I've been trying to get out of my lease for months, because I moved back home, and they won't let me break it for any reason. They have continued to charge me rent (which is almost $800/month) when I'm not even physically living there. They're treating me like I'm not a resident anymore, but I still pay a lot of money to own that space. They have been giving me and my family incredibly rude responses and have been no help what so ever. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. I had really bad roommate issues that I have been informing them about for months, and they have chose to completely ignore me and to just call the police. They have been incredibly negligent, manipulative, and rude. Their management staff is awful, and they will give you no help. If you choose to live here, be ready to live there/pay out your whole 1 year lease. Im not sure how some people are getting let out of their lease, but they won't even consider letting me out of mine. So, READ YOUR LEASE CAREFULLY. It's about 35-40 pages by the way... longest lease I've ever seen. They're sucking away my family's money just because they can. They're a rotten business that has screwed me over. They're the main reason I left the UO because they absolutely ruined my freshman year of college. They're forcing my family to pay through August even though they are completely negligent. Plus, if you try to fight your lease, they will just brush you off. So, be careful about living here. And living there as a freshman at UO was absolutely traumatizing. Completely unsafe and terrible security. Every weekend, the elevators would be covered in every bodily fluid possible, alcohol, alcohol bottles, weed, and pretty much any other thing you can think of. They had terrible security guards who wouldn't do anything, and people would harass you to get up the elevator (you need a scanner/key to get up the elevator). This is a HORRIFIC place to live. so be warned about this place. They don't only rent to students, despite their name "The HUB On Campus." They are NOT UNIVERSITY HOUSING. If you choose to live here, just make sure your plans to stay in Eugene are solid and unlikely to change. Also, be careful about your roommates. They'll randomly assign you to someone sometimes, and it usually doesn't end well. BUT YOU'RE STUCK IN YOUR LEASE. Be ready to pay a lot of money for a tiny little apartment with little personal space. And be ready to pay rent every month for a year NO MATTER WHAT. This place just wants money, and they'll do whatever it takes to get it. My advice: Stay clear of this hellhole.

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