1315 Hill Street Apartments

1-2 bedrooms
1.0-2.0 baths


The apartment building at 1315 Hill Street in Ann Arbor was constructed in 2006 by the A.R. Brouwer Co. of Dexter for Campus Realty. The building's contemporary design in a historic neighborhood has received mixed reactions, with some observers finding it ugly while others believe it to be a very attractive - if unorthodox - example of infill construction. Materials are higher quality than typical new campus-oriented apartments, including a slate exterior, bamboo flooring, and granite countertops.The structure has 7 apartments on three stories, with parking under the east side of the building. Apartments are 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bath, totalling 13,600 square feet.

1315 Hill St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Verified Student
recommends 1315 Hill Street Apartments June 2016

The location makes it worth it, but I feel as if it is more costly than it should be for rent.

Also landlord was pretty average.

Overall 3
Property Manager 5
Value 3
Amenities 4
Location 4
Safety 3


Verified Student
recommends 1315 Hill Street Apartments June 2016

Great location and not too expensive.

The room size could be better per room.

Overall 5
Property Manager 5
Value 4
Amenities 5
Location 5
Safety 5


Verified Student
recommends 1315 Hill Street Apartments June 2016

Being able to park your car right in the building is beautiful

The rooms are so small

Overall 4
Property Manager 4
Value 4
Amenities 3
Location 5
Safety 4


Burns Park

​Burns Park is a 15 acre neighborhood park on Wells and Baldwin adjacent to Burns Park School. It hosts a small shelter with restrooms and a drinking fountain, five tennis courts with a one half practice court, a basketball court, a sledding hill, a small parking lot and play equipment. The park is the old site of the County fairgrounds. Remnants of the oval track can still be seen by the same shape tree planting around the interior of the park.

  • 7 Properties
  • (4.4)

    Average Rating
  • $1,073.58 Average Rent

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