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1.0 baths


The Whistlebury community offers a great selection of flat and townhome layouts with a convenient walk to Downtown Athens. It also includes brand new amenities such as stainless appliances and new bathrooms.

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Verified Student
recommends Whistlebury September 2017

Compared to many complexes, Whistlebury does have a closer location to downtown. I like the place isn't furnished, since the addition of personal furniture makes for a homier space. Free printer in the student center nice.

Utilities tend to upcharge the price another $50 or more with excessive use. Storage in the kitchen tends to be a little issue. Maintenance needs to FIX problems instead of doing patch work. For instance, the source of water leaks or floods along with any possible mold needs attention, but many times the walls are only painted to cover up any hidden problems.

Property Manager 1
Value 3
Amenities 3
Location 4
Safety 3
Verified Student
would not recommend Whistlebury September 2017

Good location for walking downtown and to campus, nice gym, free coffee, nice student center

Our apartment flooded the first week we moved in and we are still dealing with the management. Jackson (the landlord) has been unprofessional, rude and unaccommodating to me and my roommates. I also have dealt with many sketchy cars in the parking lot.

Property Manager 1
Value 3
Amenities 4
Location 4
Safety 2
Verified Student
recommends Whistlebury November 2016

Amenities are nice like pool and gym

Right on a really busy street so a lot of noise all the time

Property Manager 4
Value 4
Amenities 4
Location 3
Safety 4


Downtown, UGA

Located in downtown Athens, residents are within walking distance of the UGA campus and most nightlife Athens has to offer.

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86 North Ave, Athens, GA 30601

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