Stadium Place Apartments

1-2 bedrooms
1.0-2.0 baths


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Verified Student
recommends Stadium Place Apartments June 2016

Stadium Place is really close to campus and it's a pretty new complex so all the facilities were fresh. I liked living here a lot.

It's a popular location and apartments go fast. I had a tough time securing my place; I think most people did too.

Property Manager 3
Value 2
Amenities 2
Location 3
Safety 2
Verified Student
recommends Stadium Place Apartments June 2016

I liked the proximity to campus. It's right on Bancroft and Durant so it was easy to get to class, easy to pick up food, and other stuff.

Laundry machines. It was just several for the complex and it's hard to grab one unless you go there at weird hours to do laundry. People would also remove your stuff from the machines if you took too long.

Property Manager 3
Value 4
Amenities 4
Location 5
Safety 4



Southside is a bustling neighborhood adjacent to campus, brimming with student activity, uniquely-Berkeley food establishments, and an active nightlife.

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