2000 Durant

1-2 bedrooms
1.0 baths
2 reviews



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2000 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

2 Reviews



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Verified Student
recommends 2000 Durant June 2016

I thought the place had good conditions overall.

It gets too noisy around here plus the walls are thin.

Property Manager 4
Value 4
Amenities 4
Location 4
Safety 4


Verified Student
would not recommend 2000 Durant June 2016

It's a pretty affordable place. I had my own bedroom and bathroom for a lot less than what most of my friends were paying.

A lot of homeless people roam the area and make it feel less safe. Must always keep your door locked.

Property Manager 2
Value 3
Amenities 1
Location 4
Safety 2


Downtown Berkeley

Just west of campus, Downtown Berkeley offers quick access to well-regarded restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, and the Berkeley BART station.

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