1927 Dwight

2 bedrooms
1.0 baths


1927 Dwight Way is a beautiful apartment building located a few blocks away from Downtown Berkeley. Downtown Berkeley is home to many restaurants,cafe's, bookstores, and shops. Grocery stores such as Trader Joes which is located a few blocks from the building on University Avenue are a short walk away. UC Berkeley is also a few blocks away. The building is nearby the Downtown Berkeley Bart Station located on Shattuck Avenue. Bart is the Bay Area's high speed rail system which connects the farthest corners of the Bay Area with its reliable and comfortable train service. Routes of the AC Transit bus service can also be accessed on Shattuck Avenue. The building has a design that makes it so each apartment enjoys a lot of sun. The advertised apartment has a patio which is ideal for entertaining and enjoying the weather. The building has an attached below ground garage where tenants may rent parking spaces. The apartment is spacious and it has a lot of closet space.

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recommends 1927 Dwight June 2016

I really love the floorplan of the apartment complex, it's quite a bit better than other apartments I've seen around Berkeley. The kitchen has a lot of cabinets and counterspace, and is great for cooking. Also the living room is bigger compared to some of my friend's two-bedroom apartments. I also like the carpet in our apartment.

The could improve the quality of the washer and dryer. There also isn't a laundromat that close so doing it at the complex is your only option - it's not terrible though

Property Manager 2
Value 3
Amenities 2
Location 3
Safety 4
Verified Student
recommends 1927 Dwight June 2016

The location is surprisingly good. Although it's a little far from campus, there are buses that come up Shattuck Ave that can take you even to the Engineering side of campus (take the F bus). Also, Downtown-Berkeley life is pretty good - I like it better than Southside life because it feels more like a Bay Area city with energy. Also, the noise level at this apartment is almost always pretty quiet.

If your room directly gets sun all day it can get very hot, so you'll probably have to keep your windows and doors open to get a breeze going through the apartment. Raj Properties is not a good property management company also although they aren't too problematic.

Property Manager 3
Value 3
Amenities 4
Location 5
Safety 4


Downtown Berkeley

Just west of campus, Downtown Berkeley offers quick access to well-regarded restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, and the Berkeley BART station.

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1927 Dwight St, Berkeley, CA 94704

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