Loft Vue

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1.0 baths


This is where you'll be sleeping, chilling, studying, and living out the next two semesters at TCU. Plan accordingly. Are you going to rally your friends and start a social movement to a four-bedroom, or go solo and find your private Fort Worth spot? Difficult choice. Luckily, there are no wrong choices among these student apartments.

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Verified Student
recommends Loft Vue June 2017

It was in a very convenient location on Berry Street, really close to the bars and restaurants

it was close to the restaurants and bars but far away from the school, you need a bike or car

Property Manager 3
Value 4
Amenities 5
Location 4
Safety 5
Verified Student
would not recommend Loft Vue October 2016

Not having to furnish a place.

I didn't like our location being right above a Whataburger, the drive-thru gets old real quick. I literally NEVER get mail. (I was sent various packages/mail by multiple people) When we would have a maintenance issue we would make a request, and generally it wasn't completed right away (if it even was before we had to ask again), As far as the disrespectful behavior of residents here, fines were threatened. I understand that's all that really can be done, but when it comes to these kids that won't work because money isn't an issue for them. The threats mean nothing and they will continue behaving like barbarians. Some of the noise and destruction is unacceptable and ridiculous. The dishwasher was janky and the washing machine sounds like a heavy object is being thrown around in it and is about to break from all the shaking/moving. There isn't a ton of storage either, as far as food, dishes, etc.

Property Manager 1
Value 1
Amenities 3
Location 1
Safety 1
Verified Student
would not recommend Loft Vue October 2016

Looks nice. Fully furnished.

Never receive mail. Place is always trashed. Right behind Whataburger so I hear and see brightness through windows.

Property Manager 2
Value 2
Amenities 3
Location 1
Safety 3


West Berry

West Berry or University Village is the closest neighborhood to campus and is home to the majority of upperclassmen.

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3125 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110

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