North Campus, UT

University of Texas at Austin

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The Neighborhood

Consisting primarily of houses and duplexes, North Campus provides a quaint, quiet place for any upperclassman.

Compared to the bustling West Campus, North Campus is low­key, but still boasts the benefits of West Campus’s stores, restaurants, and entertainment because of its proximity to central UT. North Campus is home to many students that find the majority of their classes close to Dean Keeton Street.

You'll fall in love with:

Proximity to campus and a tight­knit neighborhood vibe.

What to expect

Cheaper rent. An abundance of charming houses and duplexes, as well as a handful of apartment complexes. A short walk to the Cockrell School of Engineering.

The neighbors

A community consisting mostly of upperclassmen and those searching for a break on rent.

The market

Rent is moderate in North Campus. It’s not hard to find an affordable place, but you may run into some more expensive properties on your search if you’re late to the game.


Walk to

  • The Drag: 3 minutes
  • Engineering School: 8 minutes
  • Communications School: 10 minutes
  • Darrell K Royal Stadium: 12 minutes
  • The Tower: 16 minutes

Around the block

PROXIMITY TO ACADEMIC LIFE: North Campus is right next door to UT and is closest to the Moody School of Communications and Cockrell School of Engineering.

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