Rice Village

University of Houston

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The Neighborhood

Home to Rice University and the lively Village Shopping center, Rice Village is a laid-back area with good eats and many nearby amenities.

You'll fall in love with:

The Rice Village aesthetic that brings you everything from great food to cute boutiques.

What to expect

Greenery-filled days walking through the Village, while meeting other young students around the area.

The neighbors

Young university students from right around the block.

The market

Affordable housing that fits right in with the college student budget.


Walk to

  • University of Houston: 90 minutes
  • Torchy's Tacos: 4 minutes
  • Little Woodrow's: 6 minutes
  • Rice University: 8 minutes

Around the block

RICE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER: A huge shopping center with countless restaurants and stores make this neighborhood unforgettable

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