Baxter Street

University of Georgia

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The Neighborhood

Baxter Street Properties are in the middle of most of the off campus life, which includes all the fraternities and sororities.

In the Baxter Street Properties one can expect a lot of fraternity and sorority members. The properties are mostly stand-alone homes, so noise isn’t usually a problem. Expect a long haul to campus, but a good place to call home. These properties aren’t necessarily in the best part of town, but there isn’t much to worry about crime wise. You’ll love the atmosphere of these properties and the like-minded people you get to live around.


Walk to

  • Arch: 35 minutes
  • Zell B. Miller Learning Center: 24 minutes
  • Main Library: 30 minutes
  • Sanford Stadium: 35 minutes
  • Downtown Athens: 30 minutes
  • Milledge Ave: 5 minutes

Around the block

This is one of the popular restaurant spots for kids that live on Milledge and Baxter St. These streets are the center of fraternity and sorority life at UGA and offer a great selection of restaurants and other activities.

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