Barnett Shoals

University of Georgia

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The Neighborhood

These properties are great for students that either don’t go to UGA or don’t mind driving to campus.

The Barnett Shoals Properties are a good distance away from most of the Athens life. They’re located about 15 minutes driving distance from campus but offer a lot to students who choose to live there. Expect a good amount of kids that go to UNG, but also expect a lot of amenities that other people don’t. There are extremely nice living spaces, and these properties usually have the best pools. There is not a lot of action out on Barnett Shoals, but many love the fact that they are so far away from all the hustle and bustle of the downtown lifestyle.


Around the block

This is the Ikon. It is one of the most popular housing complexes on Barnett Shoals, and as you can see it offers more than a lot of the properties around the UGA campus. There are volleyball courts and each house has a little front and backyard.

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