University of Central Florida

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The Neighborhood

A very residential area with a nice new downtown area

You'll fall in love with:

Taking walks through downtown Avalon Park, newer developments, fair pricing on apartments, peace and quiet

What to expect

The Avalon area covers a large area south of the UCF campus. While it is primarily a residential area, with many housing developments and schools, there are also several apartment complexes for students to browse. A relatively newer part of town, the Avalon area is nice to drive through which is good considering the distance from UCF. Avalon Park is a new downtown area with interesting shops. It’s a nice place to take a stroll through.

The market

Expect to find a few apartment complexes that aren’t your typical student housing complex. Some apartments have good deals for the amount of floor space you’ll get. There are a few newer developments in the area, too.


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