University of California Berkeley

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The Neighborhood

Southside is a bustling neighborhood adjacent to campus, brimming with student activity, uniquely-Berkeley food establishments, and an active nightlife.

You'll fall in love with:

The hustle-and-bustle activity, cheap, tasty food, and company of your fellow Golden Bears.

What to expect

Noisy students, fraternities, and people you know going up and down these streets at almost all times. Most of the well-known and student-friendly food establishments are here.

The neighbors

A community of active undergraduate students, from freshman to seniors.

The market

Most students prefer to live on Southside for its proximity to campus and ease of access to student nightlife; the properties tend to be smaller but they can get swiped off the market within a week.


Walk to

  • Sproul Plaza: 8 minutes
  • Frat Row: 8 minutes
  • Durant Food Court: 5 minutes
  • Memorial Glade: 10 minutes
  • Taphaus: 5 minutes
  • Recreational Sports Facility: 5 minutes

Around the block

GREAT FOOD: Popular, cheap, and student-friendly establishments including Cheese n' Stuff, CREAM, Café Durant, Top Dog, and more Boba Tea than you could ever drink.

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