Northside, Berkeley

University of California Berkeley

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The Neighborhood

Uphill from the UC campus, Northside provides great views and a quiet environment for students who want calm, pleasant days at Cal.

Northside offers a soothing contrast to Southside’s hustle-and-bustle, with views of Sather Tower and the San Francisco Bay at almost every intersection. Enjoy a quick downhill walk to campus, calm days, and quiet. You’ll find yourself close to the vibrant student co-ops, and numerous restaurants and shops on Euclid Ave. Many food options await just a bit further downhill in the Gourmet Ghetto district.

You'll fall in love with:

Hummingbird Cafe - Enjoy a healthy breakfast, fresh fruit smoothies, and the customer service that will leave you with a smile.

What to expect

Peace, quiet, and beautiful views. Exciting student co-op events

The neighbors

Undergraduate student co-op community, charming apartments

The market

More expensive than Southside. Higher prices generally come with nicer views.


Walk to

  • Euclid Ave Restaurants and Bars: 5 minutes
  • Hearst Mining Engineering Circle: 7 minutes
  • Sproul Plaza: 10 minutes
  • Gourmet Ghetto: 10 minutes
  • Recreational Sports Facility: 15 minutes
  • Codornices Park: 13 minutes

Around the block

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