University of California Berkeley

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The Neighborhood

A quieter, more residential neighborhood just down the street from Southside with easy access to student activities and nightlife without complete immersion in it.

You'll fall in love with:

The incredible food and shopping available on College Avenue and further down on Telegraph.

What to expect

Less busy streets and quieter nights, but your favorite bars are less than 10 minutes away. Convenient shopping available at CVS with Safeway just a bus ride down College.

The neighbors

Largely undergraduate students, upperclassmen, and some residential families living in Berkeley.

The market

Because it maintains contact with the activity of Southside with the more upscale venues on College and Telegraph, Elmwood is a popular choice for upperclassmen living off campus. Properties tend to be nicer but it’s not far enough from campus to drop the price significantly.


Walk to

  • Memorial Glade: 17 minutes
  • Taphaus: 8 minutes
  • Recreational Sports Facility: 15 minutes
  • CVS Pharmacy: 5 minutes
  • College Avenue: 10 minutes
  • Frat Row: 10 minutes

Around the block

CAFE MEDITERRANEIUM: An old café in Berkeley whose clientele includes some of the more eccentric characters you can find here. It is also the birthplace of the Latte; your friends may not believe you, but it’s true.

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