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Texas State University

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The Neighborhood

Home to Texas State University at San Marcos. Find it on LoftSmart!

A very compact scenery filled with hills and multiple rivers that flow in and out of the city. The university stands at the highest point of the city making Texas State the first thing you see coming into the heart of San Marcos, TX.

You'll fall in love with:

You will fall in love with the campus. There is a river that runs through the campus and everyone is always walking around with a smile. Overall, it is simply just a great environment.

What to expect

College town atmosphere practically everywhere in San Marcos.

What not to expect

A quite town. San Marcos is continuously growing and expanding considering it is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation today.

The neighbors

Different areas have different types of neighbors. You have the neighborhoods south of Craddock ave. that are very party oriented (i.e. The Retreat, Capstone Cottages) then you have a more mixed area on Aquarena Springs Dr. that consists of partying apartments and quiet apartments with more of a junior/senior crowd. You should pretty much expect mostly students everywhere you go. Party apartments would be include but not limited to: The Retreat, Capstone Cottages, The Avenue, Copper Beech, The Village on Telluride, Aspen Heights. Other apartment complexes are more sporadic.

The market

This market consists mainly of apartment complexes. Houses are everywhere too but there is a strict zoning law here in San Marcos that say you need to have 2 of 3 tenants that are related in order to obtain a house. The rents for apartment complexes are reasonable. You will have high end and affordable all over the city.


Around the block

The Square is our downtown area for bars and restaurants. Some big name bars like Marc, Rooftop and Nephews all reside within this square with many more cool spots.

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