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Head of Marketing



LoftSmart is the first trustworthy, efficient way to discover and lease local rentals in the $130 billion student housing market.

On LoftSmart, students are able to go from search to signing with ease and simplicity — when they want, with whom they want, and from the comfort of their homes. Our platform is highlighted by curated, market-specific listings; a trusted community driven by thousands of reviews & ratings; and the real estate market’s first end-to-end, in-platform leasing product.

Simultaneously, we empower property managers to identify, attract, and convert residents at a fraction of the traditional cost — driving up occupancy, cutting per-bed marketing spend, and allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time making their residents happy.

LoftSmart is based in the vibrant Soho neighborhood of Manhattan and is backed by some of the East Coast’s most prominent venture capitalists and real estate tech investors. We are a fast-growing early-stage company that cherishes a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and intellectual exploration.


The Head of Marketing at LoftSmart is a dynamic, mission-critical role that impacts and works collaboratively with nearly all of our business segments. As our Head of Marketing, you’ll be responsible for building a process- and data-driven marketing team; architecting exceptional creative for multichannel campaigns; monitoring and optimizing those campaigns ruthlessly and with an eye to key metrics; and delivering actionable insights to our Product and Business Development teams. Through all of those endeavors, you’ll be tasked with building a brand that cuts through the noise to convey trust, transparency, and a delightfulness of experience seldom found in the real estate space. 

The role is comprehensive in both breadth and depth, and our Head of Marketing will be responsible for building out the following strategies:

  • Paid Acquisition — SEM, Social, and more
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • On-the-Ground Marketing — Guerrilla, Ops Directors, and more
  • Growth, both inside and outside of the product
  • Monitoring, Evaluations, Analytics, and Optimization
  • Ad Spend and Budgeting
  • SEO (preferred, but not required)


There is no particular set of qualifications or experiences that best prepare a person to be a Head of Marketing — great marketers come from startups, agencies, big companies, and more. Innately, the ideal person is both intensely creative and rigorously analytical. Our ideal candidate will be an exceptional communicator, a strong leader, and an indefatigable champion for our cause. Above all, we believe the right people are coachable, learn quickly, and adapt to the demands of the position and the market. If you read this description and can hardly contain your excitement, then no matter the background, you’re probably right for us.

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