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Operations Manager



The Operations Manager position at LoftSmart is a dynamic, mission-critical role that spans virtually all of our business segments. As an Operations Manager, you are the Chief Executive of your market, working throughout the year to ensure and drive operational excellence in user acquisition, marketing, business development, product design, customer success, content curation, and more. We believe in solving local problems with local solutions, so Operations Managers must understand their markets deeply in order to engineer bespoke solutions to a variety of challenges. In each of our markets, we work with Operations Managers to oversee the launch, growth, and successful operation of the business. Alongside our core management team, you will:

  • Build and manage robust, results-driven local teams
  • Work with realtors and property management companies to discover, record, and address actionable product feedback
  • Architect, implement, and evaluate a wide range of local marketing campaigns focused on
  •     user acquisition, content and inquiry generation, and customer development.

    The Operations Manager position is one of the most challenging at LoftSmart. An Operations Manager must be a natural leader who is driven, intelligent, talented, fun to work with, and passionate about our mission and our product. The position requires such a degree of talent, guts and leadership that the right person is often difficult to find.


    There is no set of qualifications or experiences that best prepare a person to be a Operations Manager. Innately, the ideal Operations Manager is both intensely creative and rigorously analytical. More than anything, we believe the right people are coachable, learn on the go, and will adapt to the demands of the position and the market. If you read this description and can hardly contain your excitement, then no matter the background, you’re probably right for us.


    Being an Operations Manager requires significant time, work, and attention. As such, our Operations Managers are well-compensated with cash. Cash compensation will be roughly what a competitive internship might offer, and certainly more than one could make working part-time while in school. For a part-time position, we think it’s pretty hard to beat. 

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