UT Local Spotlight: Rest in Peace Big Bite

UT Spotlight: Big Bite - Remembering The Best of Times by Logan LeBouef

We always hear this slogan about college: "Good Grades, Social Life, Enough Sleep: Pick Two."

But if you’re from the great city of Austin, TX and a student of UT you know one thing’s missing from the equation - Big Bite.

For years students have flocked to the greasy sub shop after late nights on 6th or as a reward for acing that killer Chemistry test. But today a gray cloud now looms over the popular sandwich and pizza shop as they unexpectedly closed this past month due to leasing disputes.

And with sandwiches like the Phat Blunt and Phat Drunk, it’s no mystery that the college audience Big Bite catered to in its 8+ years of operations is a little upset.

Just check out what Twitter had to say on the matter... 💔

So as a final farewell, LoftSmart’s pulled together a few stories from UT students to highlight the best of times had at Big Bite.

Louie M.

"Austin’s always got a place in my heart after my years back at school there, but there are a few fine dining establishments that made those times even more dope. And though Big Bite definitely wasn’t fine dining, it’s still at the top of that list.

From getting the boys together for a meal of full savagery after a rugby game to stopping by with the whole group after a wild night on Dirty - there’s nowhere that’ll ever compare to Big Bite.

My heart’s broken, my stomach’s shrunken, and my Twitter outrage is only getting warmed up."

Favorite Dish: Phat Goomba (Chicken Tenders, Mozzarella Sticks, French Fries & Marinara Sauce)

Brian J.

"When I transferred into UT, I knew Austin would take a while to get used to. But after a trip with a friend from high school to the infamous 6th Street (my first time ever), I never felt more at home. Though it might have been the welcome mat (or better yet barmat shots) that did the trick.

I’ll admit, I was a little in over my head that first night, but loving every minute of it. And that’s when I was introduced to my saving grace of late night stupors - Big Bite.

No joke, that first night I cruised through 3 phat sandwiches. My friend has never been more proud.

And from then on out I was hooked. I’ll miss Big Bite more than you’ll ever know."

Favorite Dish: 14" Buffalo Chicken Pizza (all to myself)

If you read these stories and don't dream of cheesy, calorie-ridden goodness, then we're heartbroken that you obviously never had the chance to try Bit Bite. We'll miss you more than you know, Big Bite, but we sure Austin will pull through with another top-notch dining option soon.

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