UT Austin Local Spotlight: NLand Surf Park

UT Austin Local Spotlight: NLand Surf Park by Mel Stack

In recent decades, the city of Austin has prided itself on the existence of a thriving live music scene, an impressive list of popular food trucks, and a distinct culture that separates Austinites from the rest of the state of Texas. What many tend to overlook is the fact that Austin is home to North America’s very first wave garden: NLand Surf Park

Located approximately 20 minutes away from the University of Texas at Austin campus, NLand Surf Park provides students and locals the opportunity to surf machine-generated waves that are amazingly similar to the conditions one would experience in the ocean. Whether you're a seasoned veteran in the water who can conquer the largest of waves, or someone who has never paddled out before, NLand Surf Park is the place for you. Due to the sophisticated wave technology developed by founder Doug Coors, NLand Surf Park offers waves that foster the interests of surfers of all skill levels. In addition, if you are an individual who does not know a lot about surfing, but are still eager to learn the ropes, customers can book lessons with on-site coaches to help you along the way.

Adding a personal testimonial, I traveled to NLand Surf Park last spring, as I grew up in a beach community in Florida, and wanted to see how the waves in Austin compared to the waves on the east coast. Upon arrival, I paddled out for about an hour, and had just as much fun surfing the wave garden at NLand Surf Park as I have had surfing the waves in Florida.

All in all, I highly recommend that you check NLand Surf Park, as it will offer you a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in North America.

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