USF Local Spotlight: Mr. Dunderbak's

USF Local Spotlight: Mr. Dunderbak's by Logan LeBouef

What makes a college experience so memorable? Weekend adventures like tailgating and pool parties? Late night study sessions with your best friends? Or maybe it's that one special place that you can't help but fall in love with for its character and vibrant vibe?

In all likelihood, it's probably all of these. But if you're a USF Bull, the last one on that list stirs a few memories about the most festive and lively ambiance in town - Mr. Dunderbak's.

If you're not familiar with this Tampa staple as of yet, take note. Mr. Dunderbak's is, in a phrase, a truly "excellent taste of Germany." It's a 40 + year old Bavarian inspired beer hall restaurant and brewery near campus featuring a gastropub of both American & German fare with a unique twist on old Bavarian traditions. 

Craving a Bite?

Take your pick. Dunderbak's German cuisine sets itself apart from all other options in Tampa and pairs best with your passing grade celebration, a laid-back weekend, or just a late night with der gruppe (the squad). Schnitzels, wurstchen, sandwiches, home made potato pancakes and an authentic European deli -  be prepared for your tastebuds to take a trip across the world.

And with reviews like "It's like stepping right off the plane and into Octoberfest in full swing," and "The best damn place to grab a brew, or two, or six," how can you say no to a place so highly regarded?

Looking for a Drink?

Well we hope you're thirsty... with over 65 draft beers and well over 500 different individual bottles, this is a beer lover's paradise.

Just take note of their bar rules and fall in love:

  • No Frozen Mugs
  • No Macro Crap on Tap
  • No Fruit in Your Beer, Unless the Brewer Put It There
  • No Beer Shots
  • No Beer Cocktails

So venture over, grab a pint (or stein), and meet a few new friends at their long communal tables from the Hofbrau haus in Munchen. And take a trip over on the weekends for a bit of live German music during the dinner hour to get into the full spirit... Trust us, you'll love it.

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