USC Campus Spotlight: 6 Best Coffee Spots in Columbia

USC Campus Spotlight: 6 Best Coffee Spots in Columbia by Leah Grubb; Image: @indahcoffee, Instagram

Dorms have roommates, video games, laundry that should have been done a week ago and the occasional unwanted visitor.

Coffee shops avoid these distraction hazards and lower your chances of procrastination (we understand the struggle).

Excluding the on-campus Starbucks, we have found the top six best coffee shops in Colombia to help you get your work done faster so you have more time for…extracurricular activities.

1. Cool Beans Coffee Co.

Address: 1217 College St

Image: Trip Advisor

Cool Beans Coffee and Co boasts that coffee shop vibe. You’ll find it in the Sumter end of the horseshoe serving coffee, tea, smoothies, paninis and breakfast all day long. Plan on being able to get all of your homework done and then enjoying some quality time with friends.

Tip: Connect to USC Wifi (you are close enough to campus!)

Get your work done or bring some friends and play board games!

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2. Carolina Cafe & Catering Co.

Address: 925 Sumter St

Image: The Odyssey Online

Just north of Cool Beans you can fix your craving for a good bagel or breakfast sandwich. There is a standard selection of coffee and espresso drinks as well as a variety of flavor shots to add to your brew. Carolina cafe’s coffee just might be able to take the sting away from remembering about that project due tomorrow…

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3. Drip

Address: 729 Saluda Ave

Image: Jennifer Dellacroce, Google Maps (Main Street Location)

You’re not seeing double-there are two Drips and two opportunities to get your work done (sorry to have taken away your excuse of having no where to go). Find Drip on Main Street right across from the Hub and in Five Points across from The Gourmet Shop. They have breakfast and lunch food and best of all: coffee and tea refills are half-price. Celebrate completed projects and finished exams with their selection of beers, wines, and mimosas-for those of legal age of course.

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4. Immaculate Consumption

Address: 933 Main St

Image: Zack James, Google Maps

Immaculate Conception is located behind the State House next to Hibachi House. Roasting coffee for over 20 years you can consider them honorary USC alumni. This coffee house is the perfect place to get your good coffee fix. All of their drinks are hand-crafted and roasted in-house. You’ll find them serving bakery goods, light breakfast foods and unique sandwiches for lunch. Make sure to look downstairs for a less busy and cozy environment.

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5. The Wired Goat Cafe

Address: 709 Gervais St

Image: Brett Knowles, Google Maps

Out in the Vista behind Newk’s Eatery is The Wired Goat. An environmentally sustainable choice, The Wired Goat locally sources their menu in Columbia and supports many of the nearby farmers and artisan producers. Try their new menu items like Nitro Cold Brew, Housemade Chai and ask about their new barista specials. Keep a look out for their smartphone app that will make ordering a breeze.

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6. Indah Coffee

Address: 2238 Sumter St

Image: Robert Coffey, Google Maps

Roasted in small batches, Indah Coffee is all about the freshest and the finest. They focus on distinct flavor, aroma, and body within each unique bean. If you are looking to up your coffee game and try some authentic Joe this is your move. Too busy to make it that far north of campus? Find Indah and their specialty coffee products at Cafe Strudel and the Soda City Farmers Market.


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