UF Local Spotlight: Satchel's Pizza

UF Local Spotlight: Satchel's Pizza by Logan LeBouef

Friends coming into town for the weekend? Hot date you want to impress with your outside-the-box taste? Need to soak up a little sun on a Saturday afternoon?

Then it’s time to take a trip off the beaten path over to Satchel’s Pizza. Eclectic and quirky environment, gourmet pizza that’ll blow your mind, and always a damn good time. Sold yet?

Not too far off campus on NE 23rd Ave is a pizza joint that you can lose yourself inside for hours at a time (and not just because you’ll want to order slice after slice after slice).

Come down to Satchel's Pizza and take note of one of the most unique atmospheres in all of Gainesville. From the wall of broken #buttdials (old Nokia cell phones) to the crashed plane lingering above, you’ll discover a new, unique piece of decor to admire with each visit.

Or maybe your trip will lead you to grab a seat at the most prized table in the house - the old refurbished van for a little seclusion.

But above all, the ultimate reason to venture to Satchel’s is the pizza. Hit up one of their staple pies or dive into a deep dish and fall in love.

And you know what pairs best with every item on the menu? A little sampler of their homemade soda with a full-fledged soda flight. A must try.

And to wash that whole meal down, grab one of their retro View-Masters to read up on their unique dessert menu.

But hey, if you’re not hungry and are just looking for a little excitement to add to your day or night, drop in to catch a little live music. You can peek their upcoming shows here.

Check out their website (you’ll fall in love with them then and there) and stop by with the whole crew and let us know what you think!

Note: Satchel’s is cash only, so either show up with cash on hand or use their atm (they donate the $1.50 fee to charity!).

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