Seminole Safety Tips

Ideally when you are walking around FSU; either going to class, attending an event, or just enjoying the beautiful campus you should be relaxed and focused on what your day entails. Safety should be a given and that is in big part thanks to FSU PD and all the great work they do to keep students safe.

For example, during the fall semester of my freshman year there was a shooting at Strozier Library, FSU PD showed up to the scene and within 2 minutes the situation was deescalated. Unfortunately, three people were shot and one student is now paralyzed, but FSU PD was there immediately and definitely saved lives.

Survivor Ronny Ahmed, courtesy of the Tallahassee Democrat

Another amazing safety resource that FSU PD provides is their Blue Light Trail. The trail is made up of about 400 light poles placed in planned locations throughout campus. Each light pole has strobe lights and are equipped with emergency speaker phones. In any emergency, or threatening situation you can press a button on the light pole and you will be connected to dispatch.

The Blue Light Trail, via Talkaphone

Another great program FSU PD provides is R.A.D, Rape Aggression Defense, a self-defense course which is only available for women. In R.A.D you are taught about risk avoidance, awareness, and prevention.

R.A.D. training, via FSU PD

Outside of what FSU PD provides, there are safety measures you can take on campus on your own, especially at night when campus isn’t as busy. Firstly, you should always try to walk around campus with a friend, especially late at night. There have been instances of non-students wandering on campus and harassing student. Unfortunately, every semester there are also cases of students harassing fellow students, but the safety precautions implemented by FSU PD are set up to avoid and handle these specific situations. Another safety precaution that students can take is to get pepper spray. Hopefully it never has to be used but it is an affordable protection device and can offer you peace of mind.



Emergency Phone: 911

Non-Emergency Phone: (850) 644-1234

University Status Hotline: (850) 644-INFO (4636)

Blue Light Trail

RAD Training