Finding Your Kid's College Apartment Through LoftSmart

​Looking for a place for your son or daughter?

We know the search isn’t easy! Just look at all the things you have to think about before making your decision…

“Is this place within our budget? Is the neighborhood safe? How far is it from campus? Are there non-student residents living here? Are utilities included in the rent?”

And those are just the start! Then with the old way of doing things, you’ve got to travel all the way to the leasing office, spend hours doing paperwork, hope that you’ve provided all the documents needed and then trust that you didn’t get swindled into a unit that is less than perfect.

So why settle for the old way? It’s 2017 - let’s lease your student’s place like it is too.

We know the market.

If you’re searching for your son or daughter, we know you want the absolute best for them. But it’s a little tough to gather all the info across hundreds of different property sites just to hope they’re accurate and you choose the right spot.

Well, the good thing is, we know your son or daughter’s market. We work with students to pull together the most accurate info on properties and neighborhoods and are constantly involved with property managers to keep our listings up to date. Not only that, but we provide you with a full-time representative (you can call him/her your personal concierge) who’s there to chat and answer any questions throughout the process if you ever need!

Docs have never been easier.

Once you’ve found your son or daughter’s perfect place, there’s no need to make the trip all the way to the property for hours of signing docs. Take care of it from your own home!

We host the entire application process all online for all of our listings! Whether it be signing the initial application, finalizing the lease through you and your son/daughter’s signatures, or exchanging any other documents that may be needed, we handle it all securely and with ease.

Scrap the money order.

One thing that we always hear students complain about through the old way of doing things is the necessity of a money order or check to complete the leasing process. Most don’t even know what a money order is or know how to fill out a check!

So we went one step further in our solution and integrated with the web’s most seamless transaction services to allow for all deposits and app fees to be processed in one place. With this step added, your entire leasing process can be completed all on one simple platform that’s changing the game of the college housing market.

Browse Your Student’s School’s Listings

Search for off-campus housing using a number of filters including price, neighborhoods, number of bedrooms and more. Results can be viewed in map or list formats; you can even add properties to your wishlist to browse later.

Review Your Favorites In-Depth

Take your time browsing through properties to find your absolute perfect place. Read through reviews, check perks and amenities, take a look at breathtaking photos, and find the place that most excites your son/daughter for next year!

Chat with Property Managers

Contact landlords via our in-app chat to get all the need-to-know details and ask any questions you may have. Get a personal feel for your property so you can feel more comfortable when making a decision on where to live.

Or if you’d like, you can always message us via the chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and we’ll handle all the legwork for you! We can even give advice on locations and neighborhoods if you’re curious.

Make It Official

Once you find your son/daughter’s perfect place, complete their application, submit deposit and app fees (if any are required), and sign their lease entirely online with the most seamless leasing process available! And again, if you have any questions along the way, our personal concierges are waiting to help out.

PS: You can always get a more in-depth walkthrough by clicking here!

Sounds simple enough, right?! So what are you waiting for? Click below to start your search for your son or daughter's perfect place today!

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