Office Hours? Why?

Office Hours? Why?

Many of us don’t quite understand why Office Hours are a thing. And I know for a fact i’m not the only one who gets uneasy about going to a professor's office. I didn’t know how it worked or what I should ask. Half the time I would show up only to get caught up in my own words and end up with no questions asked nor answered. Honestly, in the past three years I have been a student I have only been to 3 teachers office hours. Luckily, it turned out that those classes were one of the few I actually passed with an A. BUT had I taken advantage of this perk...I may have had more.

Here are a few tips to have a successful trip to your professors office hours.

  • Arrive with a plan.
    • Before Going to office Hours, be sure to ask yourself what exactly you want to get out of the meeting. Make sure to have your questions ready and “conversation” laid out. Understand that the time you have with your professor is limited.
  • Know the importance
    • You prepare for a class by doing homework and studying, and you should prepare for office hours by being prepared for anything the professor may ask you. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. Respect your professor’s time. They typically only have 15-20 minutes per meeting, so set your questions up accordingly.
  • Don’t Remain Silent
    • Nothing is worse than awkward silence, especially when it’s your job to lead the conversation. Why else would you go to office hours! After you realize that your professor can’t read your mind the next step is to ask questions. Many of us students want to feel like we have everything under control, but sadly that isn’t always true. One thing's for certain, the vast majority of problems can be resolved fairly quickly if you would just speak up!
  • Be Honest
    • Every single one of us will at some point in our academic career go through some issues whether it be personal or academic. But one thing is for sure, if you are with your professor and want them to understand or be flexible with you, you must be completely honest.

As finals approach I highly recommend taking advantage of how much office hours can help. Not to creating a relationship with your prof, you can get some bonus perks as well. They may be more flexible with you in the future if you need to reschedule a deadline and will be on the lookout for your papers/exams. They may even be willing to write you a rec letter when applying for jobs or grad school! Showing them you care is a sure fire way to ensure success!

I hope you guys found this helpful! I know I have...

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