Great Locations to Find Food Trucks at UT Austin

Sometimes you don’t want to go to a sit-down restaurant, or maybe you just want to eat something quick and on-the-go. Food trucks are great alternatives, and the University of Texas at Austin has some great food truck choices around campus. Most of these food trucks are reasonably priced and have vegan and vegetarian options, so there’s usually something for everyone.

Here are a few food truck locations and some of the options you can find there:

1. Gregory Gym

Right by Gregory Gym, you can usually find one food truck during lunch hours. And, while one food truck doesn’t sound very interesting, this one food truck changes every day. The food truck schedule varies week to week - You can find that schedule at the University Union’s website. One day, it’s Redfin Seafood Kitchen with fresh seafood dishes for dinner on the go. The next, mmmpanadas with affordable empanadas, wrapped up for your convenience. Other days, Four Brothers with Latin American dishes is serving lunch. Gregory Gym also has a lot of picnic tables for you to enjoy your meal, perfect for a sunny day.

2. PCL Plaza

Close to Gregory Gym, the PCL Plaza also has one food truck during lunch hours that changes each day. Similarly, the schedule each week can be found on the University Union’s website. PitaLicious and Shawarma Point both regularly post up at PCL, serving Greek food or Mediterranean-inspired snacks. The location makes it convenient to take that meal into PCL as you study. Looking for a study break? There are also several outdoor tables to eat your meal.

3. University Avenue

Right next to Dobie 21 and only a 5-minute walk from the PCL, you can find a mini food truck park. consisting of 3-4 options. The food trucks here are very consistent, so you don’t have to worry about schedules each week. One of the most popular food trucks on University Avenue is Pinch, known for their Asian fusion box cuisines that are easy to take on the go. There are a few picnic tables to sit in if the area isn’t crowded, but the to-go nature of the packaging makes Pinch a great option to take home or back to the PCL.

4. Rio Grande and W. 26th

This little corner in West Campus has several food trucks of various cuisines as well, that are consistently at this location. It may be a bit of a longer walk away from the main campus, but if you live on West Campus, this is a nice place to pick-up a meal close to your apartment. Some of the more popular and recognizable food trucks here are Espadas de Brazil, Rancho Rio Eatery, and Cold Cookie Company. Just as the name indicates, Espadas de Brazil and Rancho Rio Eatery are meat based food trucks, known for their sandwiches, and pork and beef dishes. Cold Cookie Company is a great place for dessert when you want to treat yourself - they offer milkshake, cookies, and ice-cream galore. If you’re looking for another cuisine, don’t fret. This location has a lot of food truck options, like Thai, coffee, burgers, waffles, and Italian. Not to mention, if you’d rather sit down outside to eat, this location has multiple tables for you to sit and enjoy your meal.

Food truck parks are a great place to pick up local eats near campus while spending time in the UT community. Next time you are looking for a quick bite before class or a study session, consider stopping by one of these hot spots and let us know what you think!