Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash at UT Austin

We all want to be able to afford the amazing things we see in Austin. Who doesn’t want the exquisite BBQ, AirPods 2 and frequent tickets to movies at Alamo Drafthouse? Unfortunately, we spend most of our time keeping up with our classes and hanging out with friends instead of working a well-paid, full-time job. Luckily, there are some ways to juggle all of your priorities and make a little cash on the side. It’s time to be your own boss and enter the world of independent contractors. Your rent bill is coming in at the end of the week and you’re trying to go out for lunch today? Here are a couple of ways to make ends meet:

1. Delivery Service

In the sharing world, we live in today, there are countless apps that can bring you, the consumer, and someone who wants to get paid to help you with a ride, groceries, even your dinner. Specifically, food delivery. Companies will pay you a great wage on your own determined hours to go pick someone’s meal up and drop it off at their doorstep. Some of these organizations will even allow you to work as young as 18 years old! This means that you, a college student, may be able to make some money in the little downtime you have. Many of these services will also allow you to deliver on a bicycle if you don’t have a car of your own here at UT. This can save you some gas money, the pain of sitting in traffic, and give you a chance to burn some calories! It may seem extreme that some people are willing to pay even more money to eat their food in the comfort of their homes, but you would be surprised by how many people do this every day.

2. Scooter Charging

Another prime example of the sharing economy are the scooters that you see lined down every street here in Austin. With the number of said scooters from a vast number of companies steadily increasing every day, the demand for people to charge them increases as well. Someone has to make sure that most of those electric two-wheelers can operate on a daily basis, why not you? If you have access to an electric port without violating your rental agreement, you may want to consider charging scooters in your home/apartment. Many companies will pay you from $4-10 per scooter you pick up at night and drop off in a specific spot in the morning, and that can rack up if you do it on a frequent basis. They may even allow you to charge many at a time if you show you’re a consistently good worker! Like working for a food delivery service, this is completely dictated on your own time in the evening and can make a few extra dollars towards that Franklin’s Barbeque you’ve been craving.

3. Tutoring

Is there a specific academic skill that you find to be a strong suit for you where others may consider a weakness of their own? UT has a sizeable community that you can reach out to, and, if done properly, you may be able to sell your services to some of the 40,000 undergraduate students here in Austin. Maybe you’re especially good at calculus, organic chemistry, Microsoft Excel or something else that plenty of with which people at our university have daily problems. If you can find a good way to put yourself out there via posters, social media campaigns, etc., you would be surprised as to how many people would be willing to pay a fair wage for your knowledge on particular subjects. Just another easy way to use your free time for some extra money.

We all know college can be tough, socially, academically and especially financially. But if you can use your extra hours every day to your advantage, you may just be able to fill some of those gaps in your life.