How to Protect your Security Deposit in 3 Steps

​Moving season is upon us! While it can be overwhelming to move in to a new place, there are some things everyone should do as they head to their new apartment for the semester. A few extra minutes now can save you hours of headache, and maybe even some money, when you move out.

Great Locations to Find Food Trucks at UT Austin

Sometimes you don’t want to go to a sit-down restaurant, or maybe you just want to eat something quick and on-the-go. Food trucks are great alternatives, and the University of Texas at Austin has some great food truck choices around campus. Most of these food trucks are reasonably priced and have vegan and vegetarian options, so there’s usually something for everyone.

Austin's Sweet Swimming Sanctuaries

Unlike Westeros, Summer is coming to Texas, and quickly. With finals rapidly approaching and the semester wrapping up, we look forward to a Summer comprised of good times and warmer weather. In Central Texas, the temperatures will soar into the triple digits showing no mercy for its citizens. Luckily for us, the Hill Country is home to copious amounts of hidden gems to keep you cool on a hot Summer’s day. Listed below are five of our favorite swimming holes you can visit in Austin and surrounding areas.